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Medlar dryers help you save a lot of energy and material resources during production

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It is one of the health fruits that many people welcome. The scorpion has been used as the real estate medicinal material since ancient times, and has the highest medicinal value. Hazelnuts can be processed into a variety of foods, beverages, health wines, and health supplements. They are often added to soups or porridge. We often see packaged oysters for sale in supermarkets. People use tea to make it easier to store after drying. Therefore, many enamel processing factories choose to use medlar dryer to dry enamel.

medlar dryers

Lantian medlar dryers are recognized by customers for their quality and practicality. Our machines are made of food grade steel plates, which do not produce harmful substances in the heat and rust in water. The second is that our machine adopts intelligent control system. You only need to put the medlar into the drying room to set the temperature and humidity you need on the PLC control panel outside the machine. The machine will dry it by itself, and you don’t need your time. Keep guards and help you save a lot of energy. There are a lot of customers who come to our factory to visit and inspect our machines, and we are very satisfied with the results of our machines and trial production.

medlar dryers

medlar dryers

Our medlar dryers use clean energy energy during operation, without any auxiliary fuel, and without any environmentally harmful gases, fully in line with national environmental requirements. The machine is manufactured in a sealed box design. During the drying process, there is no direct contact with the outside air. You don't need to worry about the cleaning and cleaning problems during the drying process. In addition to drying a variety of herbs, the machine can also dry a variety of materials such as vegetables, fruits and meat products. The machine is also recognized by customers for its practicality. If you need a dryer, please leave a message to us.

medlar dryers

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